Astropod Sariska Treetop

by Eight Continents Hotels

A holiday getaway where the universe awaits. Rejuvenate yourself in the lap of nature Astroport Sariska Treetop by Eight Continents Hotels is the first concept-based unique tourism destination in India focusing on Astronomy and Star gazing. The strategically designed serene sites are located in nature’s lap far away from the polluted cities with a heavy twinkling sky above. We are located near Sariska Tiger Reserve to ensure the mesmerizing experience of a Jungle safari and wildlife.

Astroport Sariska is the perfect destination for visitors of all age groups who are looking for something more out of their travel experience. We offer perfect skies for an enchanting show of nature. its unique excursions and a set of adventure activities combined with educational values. Whether it is a ground-based space and science experience, hanging out with friends, or enjoying activities with family, we will truly surprise you in all aspects.